Vibram Five Fingers & Half Marathons

I hopped on the barefoot running bandwagon almost an year ago, starting with the Vibram FiveFingers KSOs. Since I wasn’t a long-time runner, switching away from the heel strike was an easy transition and I didn’t have any issues running 5Ks in them. Enter the Chicago Half Marathon. I followed Hal Higdon’s awesome 12 weekContinue reading “Vibram Five Fingers & Half Marathons”

Happiness before death

It’s great that many young hackers are giving a lot of thought to being happy throughout their lives instead of focusing on a specific work related task that ends up being irrelevant in the long run. Having already come across the Top five regrets of the dying, I found Majd Taby’s article on a momentContinue reading “Happiness before death”

Visiting Rackspace HQ in San Antonio, TX

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the headquarters of Rackspace, an innovative and leading cloud hosting provider to discuss some of their newer product offerings and iron out implementation details for a large client of Acquity Group. The agenda included a tour of their facilities by an early employee who goes by SugarContinue reading “Visiting Rackspace HQ in San Antonio, TX”

Entrepreneurs kickstarting the charge against blood diamonds…

Tonight at our Technori get together, I had the pleasure of meeting Narimon Safavi, who was in the jewelry business for several years until he dived into diamond mining in West Africa. He had come across the opportunity to mine and worked around the insurgencies/warlords to differentiate his product. It marked the beginning of theContinue reading “Entrepreneurs kickstarting the charge against blood diamonds…”

Takeaways from applying to B school

With Peter Thiel challenging the traditional education system, a lot of us are left wondering if business school is worth it. For me, the main items to consider were: Natural progression of career Is an MBA from a top school an expectation for the next level up? With the new focus on technical leadership amongContinue reading “Takeaways from applying to B school”