Getting around Amazon Kindle’s location restriction

If you’re an avid reader, you’re probably well aware of how the US Kindle store on Amazon has a lot of books available whereas the rest of the stores leave much to desire. It wasn’t an issue though as you could just switch your location to the US and purchase books from the US store.Continue reading “Getting around Amazon Kindle’s location restriction”

Science: Breaking Bad > Big Bang Theory

How Breaking Bad helps foster interest in STEM more than The Big Bang Theory As you’re probably already aware, The Big Bang Theory’s humor primarily feeds off of the social ineptitude or pop culture naiveté of four young scientists. The show is littered with the same false dichotomy Hollywood incorporated into The Social Network: If you’reContinue reading “Science: Breaking Bad > Big Bang Theory”

Localized Challenges

Solving your own little world’s problems Since the hi-tech industry is a far cry from zero-sum, each success story heats up the competition for talent. Salaries and perks have all been leveled to the point where the previously novel have become the standard. Struggling to stand out from the growing crowd, companies have come to stressContinue reading “Localized Challenges”

PRISM is not the problem

Most of the recent stories and outrage over PRISM seem to have missed the mark on addressing the core issue of privacy. PRISM makes the system more effective and efficient – it doesn’t change the underlying issue of the government accessing your data. Data requests are made in accordance with FISA, a surveillance law thatContinue reading “PRISM is not the problem”

Content Standards

Current State of CMSs Most of the stuff on the internet that doesn’t involve transactions fits into a nice generic bucket: Content. Content that is provided by individuals (primarily on social networks and blogs) and then of course, media outlets and companies (primarily websites with supporting social media presence). The market for providing Content ManagementContinue reading “Content Standards”

Migrated from Heroku…

  by  karindalziel  After letting my blog idle for an year, I figured it was time to get back to some writing. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), Octopress had a few too many updates for me to apply them painlessly. I ended up going through a bit of a manual update process. However, Heroku was rather unimpressed withContinue reading “Migrated from Heroku…”