Getting around Amazon Kindle’s location restriction

If you’re an avid reader, you’re probably well aware of how the US Kindle store on Amazon has a lot of books available whereas the rest of the stores leave much to desire. It wasn’t an issue though as you could just switch your location to the US and purchase books from the US store.

The Problem

Amazon recently began to validated that the address listed on your credit card belonged to the region of your account, preventing you from purchasing outside of the region your credit card is tied to.


  1. Purchase an Amazon Gift Card. Send the e-mail to yourself.

2. Use a VPN service such as TunnelBear and set your location to the US.

  1. Redeem the gift card, applying the credit to your account.

  2. Use the proceeds from the gift card to purchase your book, which will bypass the payment validation.

This can be annoying to follow for every Kindle purchase so you could put a larger amount on your gift card, which should last several purchases.

Happy reading!


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